Virtual Academic Showcase 2020

Paper Presentations

Paper Presentations 


Analysis of water characteristics and relative humidity observed over Jaffrey, NH
Paper Presentation

Katrina Wilson

This work presents the analysis of chemical and physical properties of water, existence of aquatic life, and climatic impact of water vapor and monsoons. Water possesses many special characteristics that contribute to its importance. Within Earth's atmosphere and surface, the liquid phase is mainly known as water, solid phase known as ice, and gaseous phase known as water vapor or steam. The amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere over Jaffrey, NH was observed by using a commercially available Purple Air Monitor. This air monitor was installed in the town of Jaffrey in 2018, and wireless internet was used to report the relative humidity data in real time to the Purple Air Map. The data gathered was then compared to relative humidity data provided by the National Weather Service. We have also observed variability of temperature and relative humidity, as well as any correlation between these two factors. It was found that relative humidity and temperature varies inversely with minimum relative humidity in the afternoon, and higher relative humidity in the morning and evening.





The Effects of Genetic Counseling on Improving the Mental State of Patients
Paper Presentation

Christina Schreib

Genetic counseling (GC) is the practice of assessing genetic risks for disease in order to combat the medical, familial, and psychological implications. GC has recently moved into the field of cancer, as genetic contributions to cancer have been identified. Genetic counseling assesses individuals’ risk for hereditary cancers and can provide risk reducing treatments. However, cancer genetic counseling is not at optimal usage. Many providers do not follow referral guidelines for GC so, many at risk individuals are not offered genetic counseling services. GC is also not covered by many insurance companies, inhibiting patients from receiving services. Current genetic counseling practices are limited in improving the mental state of cancer patients. To address these issues, health care professionals should be made more aware of genetic counseling practices and referral guidelines in order to increase the referral rates for GC, insurance companies should cover GC services, and genetic counselors should focus more on the psychological state of their patients by providing additional counseling sessions.

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Hunting Down an Immune System Gene
Paper Presentation

Rebecca Haluch

The innate immune system is an ancient system that evolved to protect your body from germs. For example, tears contain compounds that kill bacteria. This investigation centered on a gene of unknown function (bir-2) found in nematode worms that is similar to immune system genes in humans. Nematode worms survival was tracked when this bir-2 gene wasn't working. Immune system function was tested without the bir-2 gene by feeding the worms toxic bacteria. Using bioinformatics, a screen was conducted to examine the effect on every gene in the worm when bir-2 was non-functional.