Virtual Academic Showcase 2020




Yourself - A Musical Composition

Andy Lin

"I wanted to practice scoring music for a scene, so I took a scene from one of my favorite anime and muted the area with music and composed my own original composition based on the entire scene and this was the result.  Originally I wanted to use the animation but my message was unable to reach the creators.  How I came up with the name “Yourself” just happened when I was in the middle of creating the piece.  

The composition contains piano, acoustic guitar, flute, glockenspiel, and violin.  All instruments came from a preset from my DAW, except for the violin melody.  The violin midi sounded weird, and I wanted to have the violin play the melody but I didn’t like how the violin sounded as it didn’t sound like a natural violin.  So, I decided to have my younger brother, the guy in the video, who plays the violin to play the melody."

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Moonwatcher - A Musical Composition

Joshua Giaquinto

"Moonwatcher" is the 3rd song from my album that came out in march called "Anywhere But Here". The album has 3 heavy climatic songs, and 4 soft meditative songs that surround them. Moonwatcher is one of the ambient ones, right in between the first heavy song and the second one. The idea was that the album represents going on a fantasy adventure, the soft songs are the character moments, and the heavy songs are the battles, and they get heavier as the album goes on, with the last heavy song meant to be a "final battle" of sorts. For Moonwatcher, I was inspired by Post-Rock bands such as Explosions in the Sky, Alcest, and This Patch of Sky. I wanted make a guitar riff that gradually descended and repeated through out the song,
then slowly add more textures to it. 
The video was made much after I recorded the song, I had a few ideas one night about playing outside in the dark, while cross fading between different shots on me outside, along with a video of the moon. 



Styrofoam-O-Phone - A Musical Performance 

Lou Bunk, Ph. D.

The Styrofoam-O-Phone is a “found object” instrument I made of Styrofoam, rubber bands, paperclips, cardboard scraps and metal which are bowed, plucked, rubbed and otherwise resonated.  The instrument is amplified using a contact mic running through a volume pedal into three small speakers of which one is a sub-woofer. The speakers are placed close to me to maintain a natural directionality of the sound.

 This method of free improvisation prioritizes a spontaneous yet precise structural language though a sonic vocabulary made of rich timbres and stark rhythms sometimes framed by silence.  Through discovering form in the moment of performance, I try to merge the act of music composition with free improvisation.

 This video is as virtual lecture-performance with a recent performance at Oberon in Cambridge MA as the focus.



Musical Performance 
Michael T. Brown Jr. '12

Franklin Pierce University alum Michael T. Brown Jr. '12 performs "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay," and "Moon River."