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The Bubble Will Rise Again!

February 21, 2013

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On February 9, during one of the most severe storms in recent memory in this region, a combination of strong winds and snow caused The Northfields Activity Center, commonly referred to as The Bubble, to suffer damage and deflation on Franklin Pierce University’s Rindge campus. The University’s insurance company has completed its assessment of the damage and has determined that The Bubble will be replaced with a brand new fabric “shell.” Due to the complexities of manufacturing a new shell, removing the old one, inspection of the flooring and equipment contained within, and the possibility of needing to replace the floor, the University expects full use of The Bubble by early summer; costs will be covered by the institution’s insurance policy.

During the interim period until the replacement work is complete, the University has arranged for a temporary heated weight room to be brought onto campus that will be large enough to accommodate its student population and will be outfitted with cardiovascular and nautilus equipment. Acting as an interim fitness center, the temporary facility will be in place by March 25 and will remain on campus until May 16, the completion of the academic year. “We are making every effort to ensure that services are not disrupted and that work on the new Bubble takes place as quickly and efficiently as possible,” says Dr. James F. Birge, president of the University. “Our staff has been working very hard to make all the necessary arrangements, and our insurance company has been very responsive.”

The University has made every effort to put alternative services in place during this transition period, busing student athletes to alternative practice locations and opening other facilities on campus for intramural sports and recreation in order to minimize any impacted usage. Campus Recreation Director Doug Carty states, “Although this has been a physical setback in terms of programming space, this deflation has not deterred us from offering as many recreational opportunities to the campus community as possible. We’ve engaged adaptive thinking to create new activities and more productive use of alternate spaces on campus, and are grateful to other departments for housing our intramural and open recreation programs during this transition. My staff has been contacting our community members to offer refunds or extensions on Bubble memberships and can be reached at (603) 899-4382 between the hours of 9 a.m.-8 p.m. daily to answer any questions patrons may have.”

When the new Bubble is completed, the University anticipates a rapid resumption of full recreational services offered to local community members as well as its students.




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