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Data into Action Institute Held at Franklin Pierce University

June 26, 2012

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Franklin Pierce University’s provost, Dr. Kim Mooney, co-hosted the Data into Action Institute June 18-20. Dr. Mooney was joined by her co-hosts from Connecticut, Colorado, and Allegheny Colleges; colleagues from the U.S. Military Academy, Bennington College, and the University of Wisconsin joined them as well. The Data into Action Institutes deals with assessment, the focus of a movement in higher education over recent decades to make use of carefully collected evidence of student learning in order to improve instructional practice and account to the public for the quality of educational programs. 

The goal of the Data into Action Institute was to develop ways to foster and facilitate faculty ownership of student assessment data that institutions are already collecting, and to help systematize the ways in which faculty use that data to make decisions about enhancing curriculum, course design, and teaching to improve learning. Each team left the institute with a campus-specific plan designed to engage faculty with evidence about student educational experiences in order to improve student learning. The institute was made possible through a 3-year, multi-institutional Teagle Foundation grant.

Connecticut College, Colorado College, Allegheny College, and Franklin Pierce University collaborated as co-hosts of this project to pilot and validate institutional models that weave effective use of assessment data into the routine work of the institution. The four collaborating colleges were led by a project co-investigator, and each institution was represented by diverse “Campus Leadership Teams” composed of the co-investigator, faculty, faculty development coordinators, academic administrators, and institutional research officers. 

Teams attended formal presentations, worked on their own during scheduled times, and shared information and strategies, as well as mingled informally over meals with members of other teams. Each campus team addressed a distinctive institutional challenge and will ultimately develop a model program to address that challenge; these models will demonstrate the systematic and effective use of assessment data for continuous program and course improvement designed to improve student learning. 




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