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MassComm Alum, Kevin Flanders '10 Launches First of Eight Novels

January 11, 2016

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Franklin Pierce University Alum, Kevin Flanders '10, of Monson, MA recently released his latest novel, "Burn, Do Not Read", the first of eight books slated to launch in the new year. Flanders has previously had two books published, but this is the debut of what he says is a new chapter of his writing career.

“My earliest published works not only gave me much needed confidence, but also indicated where I could improve to create even more compelling stories," Flanders said. "As a writer, you are constantly improving and synthesizing different techniques, until eventually you find your own distinct literary voice.

A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, Flanders has written over ten novels and multiple short stories. In 2010, he graduated from Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH, with a degree in mass communications, then served as a reporter for several newspapers.

"While horror is the foundation of my novels, I enjoy intertwining several other genres in each work," Flanders added. "There is something for everyone to take away from my books - a few books even depart from horror altogether as the primary mechanism. I have never believed in writing for specific audiences or conforming to genre-based expectations - I believe in telling stories."

When he isn’t writing, Flanders enjoys spending time with his family and two dogs, playing ice hockey, photographing trains, and traveling to a new baseball stadium with his father each summer. He also takes part in several writing functions and mentors student writers, currently serving as a guest instructor at David Prouty High School in Spencer, MA. 

ABOUT BURN, DO NOT READ: Set in an unnamed town on the West Coast, “Burn, Do Not Read” combines a contemporary story with the past to tell the story of Jack Gibson, a grandfather with many demons to contend with. Jack was never the same after the tragedy. He moved across the country, living alone in a little house in the middle of the woods. He didn’t want any visitors. And his phone conversations with family members became progressively shorter over time…and stranger.

Now Jack is dead, but his friends say something was very wrong in the weeks leading up to his death. Following the funeral, his children and grandchildren experience for the first time his remote house in the woods. What they encounter there is unimaginable, even for a family prepared for the worst.

All of the windows are covered by newspapers, the doors sealed by duct tape – but why?

Reluctantly, apprehensively, the investigation must begin. Will the family’s discoveries shine a light on what was ailing Jack? Or is the house simply too dark with clutter and confusion for the truth to be illuminated?

For more information visit Kevin's website.




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