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Franklin Pierce University announces new M.B.A. in Energy & Sustainability Studies

Oct 26, 2009

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A natural extension of the University’s commitment to climate neutrality and sustainability, Franklin Pierce University announced a new M.B.A. in Energy & Sustainability Studies earlier this week. The M.B.A. in Energy & Sustainability Studies has a dual focus - developing advanced leadership and business management skills along with a strong knowledge base in global sustainability challenges and practices.

Franklin Pierce’s program differentiates itself from other “Green M.B.A.” offerings in that it focuses on energy issues and resource management. Resources such as food, water, energy and raw materials are examined in conjunction with issues of conservation and exploitation and their effect on business enterprises and communities. Topics include the examination of traditional non-renewable energy sources, like oil, coal and nuclear, as well as renewable sources, like solar, wind and geothermal. Students are exposed to worldwide markets for energy, the need for conservation and improved utilization of all energy resources.

Dr. Michael Mooiman, an Assistant Professor in the M.B.A. program, said, “We believe that in the 21st Century organizations will have two CEOs – a Chief Executive Officer and a Chief Energy Officer. The M.B.A. in Energy & Sustainability Studies provides graduates the skills, knowledge and credentials necessary to effectively lead in either position.”

Mooiman is an experienced engineer, scientist, business leader and teacher. He has extensive international business experience and has also been the director of various scientific research and engineering groups in Africa and the U.S. He holds two U.S. patents and has 20 scientific and technical publications. He consults extensively for international companies on issues of operational improvement, as well as cost and energy savings. Most recently, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Federal Reserve in Boston and he is also a member of the Sustainability Council for Franklin Pierce University. Professor Mooiman developed the curriculum for this new track and is the academic contact for those interested in the program.

The University is well-known for its ongoing climate neutrality initiatives on the Rindge campus; graduates of this new program will carry the message forward. “Franklin Pierce University’s commitment to the environment goes beyond physical campus initiatives.” said Dr. James Birge, University President. “Educating tomorrow’s leaders on best practices for sustainability within organizations and communities, promoting dialogue around corporate social responsibility and providing the business tools to financially promote green initiatives raises our commitment to a whole new level.”

Applications are currently being accepted for admission to the program, which begins on Nov. 30. Classes can be taken either online, in a traditional classroom or as a hybrid (a combination on in-class and online learning). Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with prerequisite courses in statistics, economics and accounting. Program information and applications can be found at For more information, interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Mooiman at 603.899.4361 or


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