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Franklin Pierce student profile: Natalya Waye '10

Natalya is Famous!!! . . . Well, almost!

May 27, 2010

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With her effervescent personality and enthusiasm overflowing as she speaks, it’s not hard to get interested in her recent project. This documentarian is serious. This was not just a class project for credit. This is her passion.

A native of Shrewsbury, Mass., she knew back in high school that she wanted to be in video production. “I spent so many afternoons working with my father on projects for our local public access station and that is where I truly fell in love with media,” says Waye. “I knew that I wanted a school with media production, that I wanted to stay in New England and that I wanted to go to a smaller school. Franklin Pierce was the perfect fit.”

She started in right away as an active member of FPTV (Franklin Pierce Television) within her first weeks on campus and has been involved ever since. “From a teacher's point of view, Natalya is the ideal student -- eager to learn, enthusiastic for the work we do, strongly principled, an excellent speaker, and an attentive listener. It's been a privilege to work with her," says Professor Richard Roth.

Waye just graduated from Franklin Pierce with a major in Mass Communications and a dual concentration in Media Production and Media Studies and has already left her mark both on Pierce and on the real world. Her recent documentary, “Art for Water,” has not only hit the Internet on YouTube but she was also recently invited to premiere the film at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston as part of their Down:2: Earth Sustainable Living Expo.

So what is this documentary which has captured the passions of such an enthusiastic young woman about? She says, “It’s about how a small university in New Hampshire, Franklin Pierce University, came together as an institution to work towards one common goal. This goal being to create awareness about the water crisis by using multiple disciplines in the school such as dance, film, business, sciences, etc. During the process of creating awareness throughout the university, it spread through the campus, to the surrounding community and is continuing to grow today.” She tells this story through interviews with both faculty and students.

“Well I knew going into my senior year that I wanted to do a documentary, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do,” says Waye. “Joni Doherty (professor) and Christine Destrempes, the artist in residence, came into our Advanced Media Production Class, taught by Dr. Richard Roth. They wanted a student to document the process of Art for Water. This program works to have a community or school come together with a common goal of creating awareness about topics related to environment. It was such an exciting program. The thing that I enjoyed most was seeing the process of the Art for Water and my documentary both coming together.”

She credits the close relationships she has made on campus; something that she says is unique to Franklin Pierce, with helping her to become who she is today. “The sense of community and individuality that is created here is what I value most,” says Waye. “They encourage you to be yourself. It is really my family.”

While at Pierce, she completed two internships, one at the public access station in her hometown and the other at Yankee Publishing in Dublin, N.H. “Both of these internships gave me such amazing field experience,” she says. “I wasn’t just running and getting coffee, I was working hands on with editing, preproduction, etc.” She has definitely found her passion and credits her experience at Pierce with helping to make that happen. “I think a big part of honing my skills was the supportive environment at Franklin Pierce and I am forever grateful,” says Waye. Keep your eye out for Natalya Waye – she is sure to make her mark.

Click here to watch her video documentary, Art for Water, and other student videos


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