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Peer Tutoring Program at Franklin Pierce University Receives International Certification

March 25, 2013

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The College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) has granted Franklin Pierce University’s Peer Tutoring program Level 1 certification, giving the program recognition as an internationally certified program. Franklin Pierce has been developing and refining its Peer Tutoring program for years and is honored to be counted among the colleges and universities that have met the rigorous requirements necessary for receipt of this prestigious certification.

An important component of CRLA is to improve student learning, and one of their many programs is the International Tutor Program Certification (ITPC) for college and university peer tutoring programs. There are three levels of certification granted (certified tutor, advanced certified, and master certified tutor);  Franklin Pierce was granted Level 1 (certified tutor) certification, which requires at least ten hours of training for each tutor, with six of those hours tutor-trainer supervised and interactive.

The Franklin Pierce tutors spent their training hours in a variety of modalities, including face-to-face training sessions, attending lectures given by guest speakers, utilization of web resources, textbook work, individual conferences, and attendance at regional conferences to inform and enhance their training. Training subjects included successful techniques of tutoring, learning theory, learning styles, working with adult learners, assertiveness training, handling difficult students, role modeling, setting goals and planning, communication skills, active listening techniques, referral skills, teaching study and critical thinking skills, sexual harassment issues, plagiarism, problem solving, working with international learners, and more.

Tutors need to log 25 hours of actual tutoring, during which they are informally as well as formally observed and evaluated. Tutor selection criteria include a personal interview, and written approval and recommendation of the professor of the course being tutored. The prospective tutor must also take the same class that they plan to tutor in and receive an A or A- in the subject being tutored.

Franklin Pierce submitted their program review request to CRLA in March 2012 and was informed of its certification acceptance in March 2013. CRLA praised Franklin Pierce’s program and particularly noted its well-developed training manual. The Peer Tutor program is run by Maureen Baptiste and Patti Vorfeld of the Center for Academic Excellence. Baptiste says, “We are so honored by this accomplishment and look forward to the benefits of this program for both the students and the University.”




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