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Small Business Advisory Group at Franklin Pierce University Contributes Marketing Skills to Local Business

December 12, 2012

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The Small Business Advisory (SBA) group at Franklin Pierce University presented marketing initiatives to Jim McDerby, owner of a new local business, Sedona Pump Stations, LLC., who attended the presentation on Dec. 7. The SBA is comprised of nine Franklin Pierce students and a faculty advisor - Prof. Jason Little - who partnered with the New Hampshire Small Business Development Center (NHSBDC), whose mission is to help organizations and start-up companies develop business initiatives at no cost. Rich Grogan, regional director for the NHSBDC, also attended the presentation.
The SBA gave a PowerPoint presentation of marketing deliverables for Sedona Pump Stations, which specializes in solar hot water pumps for home owners. They created a complete portfolio of deliverables to attract both consumers and distributors to Sedona’s products, including a brochure, professional page, fact sheet, and direct mail piece, all designed and executed based on research and market analysis.
After the presentation, Sedona founder, Jim McDerby, expressed how impressed he was with the students’ work, and how valuable the work was for his company. When the students were asked if they felt satisfied with all the effort they had expended on the project, student Jeff Gloshinski said, “It’s great to get real world experience. It’s really good to have that to put on a resume.” “And if the company is successful,” added student Keri Marnane, “we can all feel we were part of that.”




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