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Franklin Pierce DiPietro Library resources

The Franklin Pierce DiPietro Library has a wealth of great information that students can access online. Here are a few links to some of the resources that we use most frequently in our office. We encourage students to take the time to look through the other information on their site as well.


Academic Support Guides

There are over a dozen great support guides here on the library website covering everything from citation guidelines to finding scholarly sources to writing support.


Finding Scholarly Sources

You will see that many of your paper assignments come with the instruction to use “scholarly sources.” This library page will tell you what defines a scholarly source and how to find them.


How to Cite Media Sources

An excellent, quick guide to help you cite television shows, movies or interviews in your academic paper.


Subject and Course Guides

Study guides provide 'one-stop shopping' for various topics from American Studies to Physical Therapy to Women’s Studies. Guides include databases related to the topic, as well as useful web links. These guides support majors and degrees offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level.


Thesis and Dissertation Guide

Information for Graduate and Undergraduate students about library resources relating to writing a thesis or dissertation.


Creating and Formatting References/Works Cited Guides:

Who Gives an APA?!

Created by Coordinator of Learning Assistance, Tracy Mendham, of the Center for Academic Services this provides students with a quick guide on why it is important to cite references, a quick how-to for APA, CMS, and MLA as well as a list of websites that help to generate citations.


Using and Citing Sources in your Writing

Created by Coordinator of Learning Assistance, Tracy Mendham, of the Center for Academic Excellence this handout provides information on how to cite sources in MLA format. The document provides examples and step-by-step instructions on how to generate each citation and is written with international students and English language learners in mind.



Citation Machines/Tools:

American Sociological Association (ASA) Make Citation Machine

This handy tool generates a correct ASA citation for students writing a paper for sociology. Students plug in the information that is asked for and the machine creates the citation. This tool is free and the website also generates citations in MLA, APA, Turabian, and Chicago.


BibMe: Fast & Easy Bibliography Maker

A website that generates bibliographies in MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian. The website is easy to use and creates the correct bibliography when students either plug in the information asked for or when they search for the reference if there is already a generated bibliography of it.



The library has subscribed to EasyBib School Edition, an online citation service that allows you to create bibliographies and organize research notes. In addition to the tools available in the free version of EasyBib; the premium version includes more citation styles and organization tools.

While on campus, access to EasyBib premium is automatic- even if you reach the site through Google. Off campus you must use this link or the link from our library so that you can log in for full access


Preparing for exams

Strategies for Taking Multiple Choice Tests

This is a great guide with strategies for how to effectively take multiple choice tests. The guide offers advice on how to eliminate answers and provides guessing strategies that actually work.


Essay Exam Study Skills

One of the worst kinds of exams for college students are essay exams. Rushing to write an essay in under an hour panics many student. However, this article provides helpful strategies and tips on how to study for an essay exam and be less worried when test day comes.


Six Ways to Ace Your Next Test

This blog post from Hack College suggests ways to study for an exam that will leave students less stressed in the long run. As the post points out cramming for an exam is not the way to go, but by following these tips students will be on the road to success.


Test Prep Review

The site provides short FREE practice tests for most major national exams that will help get you ready for these tests. The site also includes some test preparation tools and suggestions.


Taking your very first college exam is nerve-racking, but this site offers 5 useful tips on how to prepare for it. Freshmen should check this one out!



With StudyBlue, students can take notes and create flashcards in one easy to access place! Anything added to your FREE account is organized by class and can be accessed anywhere with Internet. Students who have a hard time keeping their notes organized or like using flashcards to study will find that this site becomes their new best friend.

Having trouble getting started on a paper? Struggling to keep track of your thoughts? Use - a FREE mind-mapping website that lets you create, share, e-mail, and print mind-maps that you create! Students who have a hard time figuring out how to start a paper or an assignment should check-out this easy to use tool!



Need help prepping for the GREs? Or how about that history exam with over 50 identifications? With Quizlet you can study with pre-made flashcards or create your own! There are also games that let you test your knowledge. This saves the time from having to write out your own and it is completely FREE- just log in with your Facebook account or create a new username.


How To Pass An Exam

Love them or hate them, it’s hard to get away from exams.  All that preparation before the big day, a race against the clock as you sit at the desk, and the aftermath that sometimes feels as stressful as the exam itself.

Effective technique goes beyond the exam hall.  You’ll never be stress-free from the examination process, but you can limit it greatly by following these tips


Exam Success – Top Tips from Brilliant Blogs

There is more to exams than just studying. This list compiled by University Blog includes previous posts from other bloggers and are key things to remember before and during an exam such as getting enough sleep and reading questions backwards after you’ve taken an exam to see if you missed any key words to the questions.


Create Your Perfect Study Set-Up

Getting your study on is no easy task when you live on campus. The library which is supposed to be a quiet place is often jam packed with people trying to print or finish an assignment 5 minutes after it was due. This post from University Blog offers advice on how to create the perfect study place for you.


Taking Study-Worthy Lecture Notes

Preparing for an exam begins in the classroom. This post by LifeHacker offers advice on how to write notes that will benefit a student in the long wrong. Students will learn how to write notes that are creating a study guide at the same time. The method comes from Cornell and the post provides a link that generates a .pdf form of the note pages so students just have to print out copies for that week’s class.  You can also print out Cornell notesheets using Microsoft Word – when you open a new document go to templatesminutesnotes.


Vocab Sushi

Taking the GREs? Have an interview? Want to add some new vocabulary words to your repertoire? This site is an easy and fun way to build your vocabulary.


Study Materials

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers students of all ages free video tutorials on everything from Biology to History and is especially strong in Mathematics. There are over 2,000 videos to choose from! The website also provides a practice section where students can test themselves on what they have learned. The videos can also be found on


Mahjong Chemistry

Race the clock in this fast-paced game of Mahjong that allows you to test your knowledge in chemistry. Whether a novice in chemistry or an expert this game will keep you on your toes!


Purdue Online Writing Lab

The Purdue OWL is a reliable and easy-to-use website that provides grammar and spelling exercises, and explanations of many aspects of college writing, including research, citing sources, organization, and commonly assigned forms such as annotated bibliographies and argument papers.


Shahi: A Visual Dictionary

For students trying to decode an unfamiliar vocabulary word, this website provides a dictionary with images to help students remember words or to better understand them. The website uses the definitions from Wiktionary and combines them with Flickr, Google, and Yahoo! images.


Skidmore College General Psychology links

This list of online resources from Skidmore College provides reference materials, search tools, and general information for students taking psychology courses or considering a career in psychology.


Study Bulb

Students who enjoy using flashcards will be impressed by this website. This site offers free flashcards, multiple choice questions, and matching for a variety of subjects including foreign languages, literature, and biology. The site also allows students to create their own flashcards to share with their friends and classmates.


Tips to Keep Your Head in the Books

There will always be distractions: friends, parties, music, etc. but when it comes down to it students need to stay focused in order to succeed academically. This blog post from Hack College provides hints on how students can finish their reading and assignments and still have time to do other things. By not letting themselves be distracted, students who do the reading will benefit more in the long run because when an exam comes along they will be more prepared.


Presentation Preparation

Improving Presentation Style

Provides a guide on how to strengthen presentation skills. Students will learn various ways on how to improve their presentations including how to effectively use the chalkboard, how to use visual aids such as PowerPoint, and useful verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The website is great for students who want to brush up on their presentation skills!


Five Best Presentation Creation Tools

The article lists and evaluates five of the most popular presentation tools to date. These include both free and programs for purchase that offer the tools to create a one-of-a-kind presentation.


How to Create Presentations that Don’t Suck

Lifehacker which brings you “tips and downloads for getting things done.” walks you through the five most common pitfalls of a bad presentation and how to fix them.


Online Collaboration Tools


This tool allows anyone to share an idea, problem, or picture online instantly using a multi-user online whiteboard! This can be used for students doing group projects who are unable to meet up, students who are collaborating their thoughts and ideas for an assignment or paper, or for faculty who want to share content with students when they cannot be in class. This site is easy to use and FREE!


Etherpad on Dreamfish

Writing text together doesn’t get any easier than this. Go to Dreamfish, and click Create New Pad. Text is saved as you type, and everyone working on your document can make changes. It even keeps track of who wrote what—great for fairness and accountability on group projects.



Organization and note taking tools

Livescribe Echo Pen

This article provides a review and link for the Livescribe Echo Pen. This is a great tool for students with disabilities and any student! The pen records everything a student says, writes, and hears. Students are able to access these notes on their computer later on.


100 Useful Web Tools for Business Students

A great website for business majors and minors! The website offers a list of 100 useful web tools to excel in their studies. The list is divided into sections based on the type of tool including organization tools such as Google Reader which allows students to organize every blog they read into one easy-to-use reader. Students can refer to this website even after they graduate!


How to Forward School Email to Personal Account

This article offers step-by-step instructions on how to forward school e-mails to a person e-mail account. This is a good option for students who struggle to balance various e-mail accounts or if there is ever trouble connecting to the eRaven page.


ADHD Support

Students who struggle to stay focused because of ADHD can use this support website to learn tips for staying on track. The list includes suggestions for organization, how to manage in the workplace, and tips and suggestions for home and family.


Homeworktree- The homework planner that actually plans for you

For those who have trouble organizing and planning homework time this is a useful tool to help students stay on track. The site is easy to use and when students enter their class information homeworktree plans out a schedule for them to make sure they meet deadlines. The site sends reminder emails and weekly check-lists to print to ensure that students meet their weekly assignment goals.


Search Engines and Forums

100 Search Engines for Business Students

No student can go wrong with a website that lists 100 search engines for business related topics! The list is broken down by category including Advertising, Social Media, Finance, etc. Each link has a quick description of the search engine. Great for business majors and anyone taking IC212-Challenge of Business in Society!


Student Doctor Network Forums

Pre-med students and those interested in the health field will find this website useful for the multiple forums it offers. Students can discuss their questions about professions, MCATs, internships etc.



25 Legitimately Useful Sites for College Students

Like the title of this article says, these articles are legitimately useful! The list includes sites such as Text Swap where students can swap textbooks for free online! The list also includes useful research engines, and writing sites that give tips and advise from generating a bibliography to a site where students can brainstorm and organize their ideas for an essay. Students will want to bookmark this one!


What Makes a Successful Online Student?

Deciding whether or not to take online classes is a difficult decision for various reasons. The article discuses characteristics’ that a student should possess if he or she wants to succeed in an online course. The list includes traits such as being able to communicate effectively through writing, as well as being willing to commit to four to 15 hours per week per course. Students who are contemplating taking an online course should read this list!