Center for Academic Excellence

Center Scholar Program

Center sstaff and scholar working side by sideAs a University, we understand that not every student begins their collegiate experience with the same skills and experience, and that certain students may need extra assistance. The Center for Academic Excellence is an area where students can receive additional support for a variety of issues. Whether it be difficulties with time management or a documented learning disability, the CAE has the flexibility to handle a wide array of student needs. Our Center Scholar program is one way in which we try to address students’ need starting at the point of acceptance.

Center Scholars receive extra attention and programming from the Center for Academic Excellence, whose mission is to assist all students in reaching their academic potential. The Center for Academic Excellence will work collaboratively with other University offices to enable Center Scholars’ success in the first year of college and beyond. This program offers:

  • Individual appointments with professional staff in the Center for Academic Excellence to help students adjust to classes and learn about campus resources;
  • Group workshops for first-semester students to help them manage their time well and hit the ground running academically.

The program provides leadership opportunities in addition to advising and academic support. For instance, a scholar in his or her second year at Franklin Pierce may apply to serve as a Center Mentor, should a returning student wish to share their experience for the benefit of new Center Scholars. Many employers and graduate schools look for leadership ability in applicants, so mentoring experience can be a positive addition to a graduate’s resume.

What is required of Center Scholars?
Attendance at five meetings and/or workshops per semester. Three of these should be individual appointments in the Center for Academic Excellence, and Center Scholars attend their first meeting during the first two weeks of school. The group workshops may be chosen from a selection of offerings by the Career Services office and the Center for Academic Excellence. After the first individual appointment, one-on-one offerings can include meetings with the Center for Academic Excellence staff, peer tutoring sessions, and appointments at the Wensberg Writing Center.

Why do students participate?
Experience and research tell us that when students connect with the Center for Academic Excellence early on in the school year, they significantly improve their likelihood of academic success. An additional motivation for students is financial: Center Scholar status includes a $1,000 scholarship toward annual tuition at Franklin Pierce.

Center Scholars will continue to be eligible for this scholarship through all four years at Franklin Pierce University provided they maintain a minimum 2.00 (on a 4.00 scale) Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and they participate in required meetings and workshops.