International Studies Programs

Education Doesn't End in the Classroom

Study AbroadIt also doesn't stop at the borders of the campus or country. Franklin Pierce University offers many opportunities for international learning experiences. Study abroad allows you to gain firsthand, in-depth knowledge of another culture, see the world from a new perspective and develop intercultural skills that will help you succeed in today’s world. Franklin Pierce operates semester-long programs in Vienna, Austria; Lyon, France and unique programs such as Pierce on the Camino.

Students may also join study abroad programs at other accredited institutions, which allow students to earn credit towards their Franklin Pierce degree. All study abroad programs are open to students in good standing, who meet the GPA and other requirements of their specific academic program. Students should plan for their study abroad program in consultation with their advisor and the Director of International Studies Programs.

Message from the Dean

Dear Students,
In our increasingly interconnected world, the importance of knowing another language and culture is vital for success and Franklin Pierce has long offered Study Abroad programs to support student learning along these lines.  I am delighted to announce Franklin Pierce’s new partnership with Education First (EF) that will multiply the range of Study abroad opportunities available to Franklin Pierce students. EF was founded in Sweden in 1965 with the aim of improving language skills and inter-cultural relations worldwide.  With this mission in mind, Franklin Pierce has partnered with EF to make their Language Study Abroad programs available during Franklin Pierce’s academic and summer breaks. We look forward to further broadening your horizons of success. You can start this experience by taking a few minutes to review the opportunities - and while you are at it, measure your current language skills. Please Follow the link to EF’s on-line language test.
Kind Regards,

Kerry McKeever, Ph.D.
Dean, College at Rindge

International Programs operated by Franklin Pierce University and language partner Education First Ltd.

Language Study Abroad Experience with EF Education First
Accelerate your rate of fluency in a second language, the cornerstone of international education, while earning Franklin Pierce academic credits. Globalism is this decade's new motto. Employment statistics indicate that language and cross-cultural skills are invaluable assets, and increase one's competitive edge in the global job market. With this in mind, Franklin Pierce offers its students the opportunity to learn a second language in a faster way through EF’s International Language Centers abroad, while earning academic credits at Franklin Pierce. Visit the EF website to learn more.

Pierce in Vienna, Austria
This study abroad program offers students a chance to live and study side by side with people from a different culture in the heart of Europe. It is also a chance to make friends that last a lifetime and to be cultural ambassadors at a time when this type of exchange is very important to the world. Students live and study in the heart of beautiful Vienna, Austria. The program offers a full semester of Franklin Pierce credits and is designed to take advantage of the historic and artistic heritage of this city. Course related trips outside of Austria may include Paris, Berlin, Prague, Florence, and Rome and are designed to complement and enrich the curriculum. This program is open to students at all colleges and universities. Contact Stella van Renesse-Walling at 603.899.4147 or

   Read Memories of Schruns Austria 1971-1975.


Pierce in Beijing, China
As China becomes a leader in the global economy, the significance of student understanding of the culture and influence on the will only increase. A course specifically geared toward China (MN275), and more importantly, a trip to China, will be a worthwhile experience for students to understand the complex economic systems, values and attitudes underlying decision-making institutions outside of the United States. Thereby, the two-week trip to China, at the end of the course, puts Franklin Pierce University’s students in the center of the current global economy.  During this period, students will witness the ideas, concepts, and theories learned in class at work in different Chinese businesses.  This will allow them to understand the similarities and differences between American and Chinese companies as they compete and work together on a global scale.  Students will acquire a knowledge-base in understanding China’s rapid economic growth and integration into the world economy, along with the tension this creates in society.  As students gain this knowledge-base, they will begin to gain an understanding of the complexities that exist between society and business from a Chinese perspective.  This understanding will enable them to compare the similarities and differences between US business and cultural settings and Chinese business and cultural settings in the global marketplace.For information on specific prerequisites and deadlines, contact Stella van Renesse-Walling at 603.899.4147 or

Pierce in Lyon, France
The program in Lyon is unique with a focus on contemporary dance. The Lyon Dance Semester began in the fall of 2008 and is designed to correspond with the Biennale de la Danse, a world-renowned international dance festival in Lyon, France. The program gives students a rare opportunity to experience the best of international dance in a beautiful and accessible city that is alive with art and culture. Coursework includes dance theory and criticism, creative process, and modern dance technique. Additionally, students will study French language and history and benefit from an extended experience of the vibrant and varied culture of southern France. The program offers a full semester of Franklin Pierce credits and will take advantage of the artistic and cultural heritage of Lyon, the city that is known as the "doorway to Provence". Course-related trips may include excusions to Paris, Avignon, Marseilles, and Nice, and are designed to complement and enrich the curriculum. This program is open to students at all colleges and universities with an interest in dance. For information contact Professor Wendy Dwyer at 603.899.4292 or

Pierce on the Camino
Developed for the Fall of 2011, the Pierce on the Camino de Santiago program immerses students in the same journey that eight centuries of pilgrims have experienced. Approximately 15 students participate in a one semester, long-distance walk through southern France and across northern Spain along the old pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.

Walking as pilgrims, carrying a backpack, staying in pilgrim hostels, country inns, and monasteries, walking with other Franklin Pierce students and a professor, students travel on foot between 10-15 miles a day. Slowing down to “human speed”, leaving behind the ordinary concerns of daily life, and unplugging from the internet, iPod and cell phone brings rich rewards that are rare in today’s world—the intimacy of prolonged solitude, the beauty of the natural world, the gratitude from many acts of kindness, and the joy of sustained conversation with others in a group and with fellow pilgrims from all over the world. For information on specific prerequisites and deadlines, contact Stella van Renesse-Walling at 603.899.4147 or

Costa Rica
This Tropical Forest Ecology (BI217) introduces students to the fundamental characteristics of intensely varied ecosystems. Through lectures, seminar, field exercises and field interpretation, students come to understand the dominant ecological forces that shape tropical forests. Students also attempt to observe and understand how the many fascinating adaptations of tropical organisms reflect the evolutionary pressures found in the tropical forest environment. The course takes place in three seminars at Franklin Pierce and in three sites in Costa Rica. Interested students should contact Rhine Singleton at

Programs at Other Institutions

There a numerous programs available for students wishing to pursue studies in other locations. Interested students should contact Stella van Renesse-Walling at 603.899.4147 or for further information.