Women in Leadership Certificate

Women in Leadership
American fashion designer and author Dana Buchman (center) participated in a symposium at Franklin Pierce University. She discussed the fashion industry, the business climate for women and the experience of parenting a child with learning difficulties.

The Women in Leadership Certificate is an interdisciplinary program that offers an integrative approach to learning about the interconnections among gender, race, class, sexuality, and transnational issues. The program takes gender and sexuality as its critical terms of inquiry, exploring them as social constructs and analyzing their impact on culture. The Program aims to build a supportive environment for women to assist them in the development of leadership skills through a program that integrates theory and practice.

The Program and the resulting Certificate will credential students as theoretically and materially knowledgeable in Women's and Gender issues and thus qualify them for leadership positions. The Program complements the needs of professionals in fields including: Education, Law, Social Services, Cultural Anthropology, Counseling, Business, Health Services, Public Administration, Public Relations, Archaeology, Sports and Recreation, Criminal Justice, Journalism, Community Development, and Politics.  

Read a recent Ms. Magazine blog article by Steering Committee member Professor Donna Decker.

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Donna Decker Reck
Associate Professor of English
B.A., State University of New York, Albany
M.A., Salem State College
Ph.D., Northeastern University

Joni Doherty
Director, New England Center for Civic Life
B.F.A., University of New Hampshire
M.A., Simmons College

Debra Picchi
Professor of Anthropology
B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo
M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida

Affiliated Faculty 

Davina M. Brown
Professor of Psychology
B.A., M.A., Ph.D. - University of Toledo

Zan Meyer Goncalves
Assistant Professor of Writing/IC101
B.A., California State College at Chico
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Melinda Marie Jetté
Assistant Professor of History
B.A., Catholic University of America
M.A., Université Laval
Ph.D., University of British Columbia

Kristen D. Nevious
B.S., Valparaiso University
M.S., Ph.D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Paul Scharfenberger
Associate Professor of Music
B.Mus., University of Lowell
M.A., Keene State College

Phyllis Zrzavy
Professor of Mass Communication
B.S., B.Phil., M.Ed., Miami University
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

Leadership Associates

Judge Denise Meagher
Associate Justice: Probate and Family Court, Worcester, MA

Kim M. Mooney
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
M.A., Ph.D., The University of New Hampshire

Jody Williams
Nobel Laureate for Peace, 1997
Campaign Ambassador, International Campaign to Ban Landmines