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Alumni Association Scholarship Program

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What is the Alumni Association?

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to "promote the general welfare of Franklin Pierce University; to develop an enduring interest in all the affairs of the University throughout its alumni, undergraduate, former students and friends; and to develop an organization, which shall be the means of creating and maintaining the close association of Franklin Pierce men and women."


Why do we Award Scholarships?

We believe that it is necessary, as alumni devoted to the efforts of the University, to be supportive of the students who contribute to the Franklin Pierce community. Thus, we award scholarships in an effort to:
1) Recognize students who are leaders.
2) Recognize students who demonstrate a commitment to their community.
3) Commend students who have demonstrated academic excellence.
4) Help in lessening the financial burden for students who demonstrate need.

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What Scholarships are Available?

The Alumni Association receives royalties on your purchases from our affinity partnerships, such as Liberty Mutual, that goes to help fund the alumni scholarship program, which awards over $34,000 to deserving students at the College at Rindge and the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. You get great discounts on services and products you use, and supporting these partners helps ensure the future of the Alumni Scholarship program at Franklin Pierce.

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The Decision Process

Who is Involved?

Members of the scholarship committee volunteer to review the scholarship applications. The committee is comprised of members and non-members of the board of directors. The committee is chaired by the vice president for academics relations. Each member of the committee reviews each of the applications on his or her own and submits his or her votes to the committee chairperson.

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What are we looking for?

The Scholarship Committee is looking for students who best exemplify the Franklin Pierce University
vision. This includes your role as an "Individual in the Community," and your understanding of "intellect and character" and "leader of conscience" in the context of your life at Franklin Pierce.

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Where can I get an application for this scholarship?

Applications can be downloaded from the College at Rindge scholarship applications webpage, or contact the Student Financial Services office. 

Applications can be downloaded from the College of Graduate and Professional Studies scholarship applications webpage, or contact your center director for an application.

Contact Alumni Relations: or call 877-372-2586 (toll free U.S. only) or 603- 899-4030 (Country Code 011 for International Calls).


 Julie Zahn, Assistant Vice President

Alumni & Parent Relations(603) 899-1159

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Mon - Fri:
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.