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Student-produced Pierce Arrow Newspaper

The Monadnock Debates 2012

Hosted by Franklin Pierce University's Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication.

 Runtime: 1:18. Download video file. File size: 518 MB.

Student Media cover the 2008,  2012, and 2016  National Party Conventions

Student Media Interview Presidential Candidates

To learn more about the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication, please contact:
Kristen D. Nevious, Ph.D., 603-899-1039 or neviousk@franklinpierce.edu
Director, Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication


President Barrack Obama

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois in his 2008 New Hampshire Primary concession speech tells supporters "change is happening."


Senator John McCain on the Straight Talk Express. On a ride from Hillsborough to Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH.

Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards at a New Hampshire house party in Jaffrey. Elizabeth spoke to Steven Dodrill of the Pierce Media Group in Rindge, NH