Introducing the Institute

Franklin Pierce is stepping up to the challenge of climate change. The new Institute, which began operations in the fall of 2019, is dedicated to raising awareness of this challenge and promoting efforts to meet it, in the University curriculum and its culture, in campus operations, and in the local region and beyond.

A re-purposing of the former Monadnock Institute of Nature, Place and Culture, the organization’s structure includes two components: the Campus Sustainability Council, focused on best practices in such areas as energy use and minimization of food waste; and the Community Climate Consortium, looking to create partnerships with other area organizations pursuing climate work.


Mission Statement

Global climate change poses an unprecedented, urgent challenge to the natural environment and to the quality, even the continuance, of human life. Franklin Pierce University’s Institute for Climate Action seeks to raise awareness of this challenge and promote efforts to meet it. This aim will be pursued under the broad concept of sustainability and within three distinct but related mission areas: 

Education: Aid in the conceptualization and development of curriculum and instruction, together with co-curricular programming, needed to prepare students to serve as responsible citizens and leaders of their communities, and where appropriate as trained experts, meeting the challenges of climate change.

Campus Operations and Culture: Assist in the planning, coordination, and assessment of best practices for climate action and sustainability in all aspects of campus operations, and take steps to build a campus-wide community attuned to the issues of climate change and actively seeking solutions, both large and small.

Outreach: Form partnerships with organizations and educational institutions in the local region and where feasible beyond with the purposes of sharing experience and expertise, opening internship opportunities for students, and building the strong networks needed to mobilize public will behind effective climate action.



Catherine Owen Koning, Ph.D. and Gerald Burns, Ph.D.

Institute for Climate Action(603) 899-4322

Dr. Koning

Office Hours

M  W F   9:00am - 1:00pm