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Welcome to the Raven family!

How Can We Help You Today?

We are partners now, with a common goal of helping your student make the most of their Franklin Pierce education. You’ve worked hard to get your student ready for this – and we’ve worked hard to make Franklin Pierce a place where your student will live into their own adult identity and dreams.

Your student will thrive here with:

Your student still needs you as a mainstay of support through these years of growth and change. You can help by being a sounding board as your student learns to navigate the university experience. You can show your enthusiasm for their alma mater by attending campus events, by advocating for Franklin Pierce through discussions with other parents, local businesses and community members, and by offering your time and financial support.

We are always available to help you too, and we welcome you to share in our vibrant community through campus events, athletics, and most especially Family Day & Homecoming in the fall. We prioritize your student’s safety and well-being on campus. And we will do our best to provide information in a timely way about campus life, academics and support, and financing your student’s education.

Most of all, we promise to treat your student with respect, encouragement and individual attention to help them succeed in their educational and career goals.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from the Office of Alumni & Parent Relations at (603) 899-4030.


 Katie Copeland, Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

Alumni & Parent Relations(603) 899-4030

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