Spiritual Life

Hinduism Buddhism Confusianism Taoism Judaism Christianity Islam

My name is Bill Beardslee, Associate Director of Student Involvement and Spiritual Life at Franklin Pierce University. My role is to assist student groups, nurture student interests and offer inter-religious and ecumenical opportunities.

Perhaps in the midst of it all, we can further our understanding of each other and find deeper unity in our diversity.

By virtue of the nature of a liberal arts university, Franklin Pierce encourages and supports cultural, social and religious diversity. We provide numerous opportunities for students to connect with faith communities, to find fellowship and to practice their beliefs.

I am an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ , a Pastoral Counseling Fellow credentialed by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and a spiritual director for the Franklin Pierce University community. I have the privilege of also working with the Student Government Association as their staff liaison. 

I want to connect with you, formally or informally. I want you to feel welcomed and affirmed in your beliefs. There is a place here for students in their various religious or trans-traditional spiritual practices at Franklin Pierce. There is a place for those who are committed in their faith and there is a place for seekers, doubters and inquirers.

Please watch for Spiritual Life Center activities through the various campus news channels. Join a club that interests you or even explore starting a new club. We are here to support you.

Franklin Pierce University Spiritual Life Center can be reached at 603.899.4188 or by emailing beardsleeb@franklinpierce.edu.