Student Involvement

Get Involved Outside of the Classroom

Co-curricular experiences are the “life-blood” of student culture at Franklin Pierce. In part, students attend our small university because they are attracted to the notion that they can be involved. They can be “someone” and be an important part of a vibrant community. Becoming involved helps define them as individual members of this community, and also contributes to an evolving definition of what this community will be. 

Student Involvement staff are dedicated to working with students throughout their four years at Franklin Pierce. The staff team encourages students to engage beyond the classroom and put into practice that which they have learned in ways not before realized.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The SGA is dedicated to the vision of being the agents of change for the Franklin Pierce University community. The SGA is built upon the foundation of communication between students and the campus community. 

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Pierce Activities Council (PAC)

The Pierce Activities Council (PAC) is established to offer a wide variety of high quality and fun programs. Through this student run organization, the Pierce Activities Council invites students to create, plan and implement all of their events.

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Clubs and Affiliated Organizations

Students at Franklin Pierce are actively involved in approximately 25 social and educational clubs that receive funding from the Student Government Association (SGA).

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Student Affairs Leadership

At Franklin Pierce, leadership is part of the social process, something that happens between people. It occurs in every day settings, balancing involvement and personal aspirations. Students are encouraged to find experiences on the campus that will help develop their leadership style. 

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Community Service

The community service experiences provide opportunities for our students to get involved in public service. For some, community service is the continuation of a previous volunteer experience, but for many others, it is a new opportunity to open their world in positive ways that they make volunteering a part of their lives. 

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Alternative Break Programs

The Alternative Spring Break Program enhances the co-curricular experience by placing leadership in the context of civic responsibility and service to the global community. The aim is to develop a global perspective, promote leadership, critical thinking, social action, and community involvement by combining experiential education and direct service.

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Scott Ansevin-Allen, Assistant Dean

Student Involvement(603) 899-4151

Office Hours

8 a.m - 4:30 p.m.